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  • The Mitsubishi Pajero – An Off Road Collectible
    The world of off-road racing is filled with categories and variants within those categories.  Every race is a monumental team effort that requires skilled driving techniques that are simultaneously focused on preserving the car to make it to the end of the race yet at the same time on driving to the absolute limit possible….
  • BMW 2800CS Why Everyone Should Drive This Car At Least Once
    In my last post, I wrote about the cars at the Jalopnik Hurricane Relief Car Show that I thought were the most awesome and the most significant.  This post is the beginning of a series where I dive deep into all of those car’s histories and features to explain why I think they are amazing….
  • Top Collectable Cars from The Jalopnik Hurricane Relief Car Show
    Last week I had the pleasure of seeing some amazing cars at the Jalopnik Hurricane Relief Car Show.  Quite a few really stood out for me so I decided to feature them. See the pics below.  These cars not only caught my attention, they made me reflect back to the times when these cars ruled…
  • How To Verify a Car’s Documentation Before You Buy
    When it comes to buying a collectable vehicle, documentation adds value.  Various types of provenance could include service history or factory paperwork that’s been tucked into a binder along with an owners manual.  As a perspective buyer however, how do you know it’s real?